Claudine Reynolds

Consulting Arborist

Claudine Reynolds is a Consulting Arborist for Arbor Survey.

Claudine has an experienced background as a medical scientist which brings exceptional research capabilities and an evidence-based approach to decision making to create clear and concise reports for all Arbor Survey clients.

Claudine has worked for Arbor Survey for over two years and is responsible for strategic advice and research, whilst providing administrative and support services to the company to maintain and improve quality.

Consulting Arborist
+61 (0) 359 712 514

Claudine has recently completed her Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture and as part of her studies she has developed a tree selection matrix for replanting and renewal, based on Biological, Function and Aesthetic criteria.

Claudine works closely with Mark and Blake and is also trained in Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA).