Urban Development

Arboricultural and Development Impact Assessments

Arboricultural impact assessments and development impact assessments are usually required to accompany a development or planning permit application to council and provides an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the impact of the proposed works on the trees within the site and on neighboring properties or council land.

Arbor Survey consultants have worked in the private and public sector within various local government authorities so we understand the regulations (planning and or local laws related) throughout Victoria and the inner workings of local government. This allows for more timely decisions when dealing with many Councils

Non-Destructive Root Investigations

Arbor Survey provide non-destructive root investigations (often referred to as Non Destructive Digging or NDD) using the latest technology such as high pressure air (Air Spade) or in some circumstances using hydro excavation under low pressure. These techniques help to identify the impact to a tree from any proposed works.

Large Scale Tree Surveys

Arbor Survey can conduct large scale tree surveys through the assistance of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Surveys provide important information on tree species, physical tree dimensions, tree risk, tree condition and recommendations for maintenance.

The survey data is collected on each tree using the GPS (sub meter accuracy) and can be incorporated into your Geographic Information System (GIS) allowing you or your maintenance teams to locate each tree and follow up with the appropriate works. Additional to standard reporting, Arbor Survey can also provide you with your own stand-alone tree management system that is managed by you and more cost effective than using other systems.

Preliminary Tree Condition Assessment Reports

Preliminary tree condition assessment reports are a preliminary assessment and are primarily designed to support and advise the decision-making process regarding the protection of suitable trees on a site.

Arbor Survey can conduct preliminary tree condition assessments at the early stages of your design and layout of a development site. These assessment reports are an essential step in the design process as it provides advice on protection laws, health and structural condition of the trees, recommendations on trees that should be protected and incorporated into the development design or options on potential development impact mitigation measures.

Pre Purchase and Pre Development Tree Inspections / Surveys

Prior to purchasing a property or going to a draftsman or architect, be sure to have a consulting arborist assess all the trees within and nearby your next investment, neighboring properties and council road reserves.

Arbor Survey consultants can meet with you onsite to discuss the trees, local council protection laws and potential tree protection zones required for development. These inspections will help you make informed decisions about tree maintenance or removal plans for the site, potentially saving you time and money with the council application process.

Tree Protection Plans

Tree protection plans (sometimes called tree management plans) are often required by Council’s to help guide the specific tree protection requirements on a development site. These may be required as a condition of permit on a development site.

Arbor Survey consultants have a thorough understanding of the construction process and have developed numerous tree protection plans for clients that are specific, achievable and meet the requirements of permits issued by local Councils. Arbor Survey have been instrumental in developing guidelines for the implementation of specific tree protection plans throughout the industry.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Expert Evidence and Representation

In some circumstances a consulting arborist is required to provide evidence to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on dispute applications taken to the tribunal by developers, council and landowners over permits required for development of land associated with tree and landscape matters.

Arbor Survey are able to prepare detailed and accurate expert witness reports and appear at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and or court proceedings for Civil tree disputes matters. We have extensive experience providing evidence at VCAT and have represented numerous private and local government clients, including representation at Victorian Planning Panel hearings.